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I live in the mountains of North Georgia, among the gold rush memories, kudzu, and roadways like scribbles on the map. Being from The South, I have a romantic bent, colored by time and circumstance and the curiosity of a committed explorer. I have a deep appreciation of interesting light, a genuine interest in each subject, and craft my photographs to reveal and celebrate what makes up each real person who allows me access.

Stylistically polyamorous, I work hard at fitting technique to subject rather than the other way around, choosing to work with those who also believe in the power of a compelling photo, in the ability to speak through light, gesture, and geometry. Each concept, each shoot is the product of discussion, planning, and partnership in execution. They are designed for fun and include generous room for improvisation, for the kind of jazz-like conversation that often results in magic.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and plan to return. I am available for studio or location work, and my rates are competitive. Please feel free to contact me. Let's work together to create something special.

Thank you for stopping by.